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DaVita plans to buy Wash. State physician group


Everett, Wash.

DaVita HealthCare Partners, the Denver-based  kidney-care provider and medical group, has announced plans to buy the Everett (Wash.) Clinic, a 500-physician independent practice  north of Seattle.  Healthcare consolidation marches on.The Everett Clinic is big, serving  20 care sites with a total of 315,000 patients.  It has physician offices, urgent-care centers, hearing and vision centers, lab services, imaging, behavioral healthcare and cancer treatment.

Kent Thiry, chairman and CEO of DaVita, ,  said:  “We are excited to work with the Everett team as we improve healthcare delivery and expand the leading independent medical group in America.”

Modern Healthcare said that DaVita didn’t disclose the deal’s financial terms.  Everett wants to stay independent from health systems in the face of physician groups  coming under increasing pressure to merge with hospitals. “It’s a seller’s market for physician groups,” notes the news service, “and health systems have proven that they’re able to absorb docs while keeping practice costs down, despite previous doubts. ”

Interestingly, Everett was a demonstration site for Medicare Accountable Care but after six years decided that Medicare managed care, or Medicare Advantage, was its best fit.

“On the business development side of HealthCare Partners, we are getting better,” Mr. Thiry said.  “We have two strong business positions both enjoying some steady unit growth … and we are investing significantly in our future.”


For-profit vs. nonprofit dialysis centers



Allen R. Nissenson, M.D., chief medical officer of DaVita Healthcare Partners and former president of the Renal Physicians Association, seeks to debunk what he sees as myths about for-profit compared to not-for-profit dialysis centers.



DaVita: New CMS risk model unfair to wellness programs


Modern Healthcare rep0rts  on  DaVita HealthCare Partners’ complaint  that CMS’s new risk-adjustment model “unfairly penalizes providers that focus on wellness programs and chronic-disease prevention.”

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