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Financing for huge Mayo ‘Destination’ project on track


The Minneapolis Star Tribune reports that the Mayo Clinic’s Destination Medical Center, project in Rochester, Minn., Mayo’s h0me town, is on track to reach its $200 million private-investment goal. That’s what it must reach to get hundreds of millions of dollars in taxpayer money.

The Minnesota legislature awarded Mayo Clinic $585 million in public funding in 2013. After receiving $87.6 million in private investments last year, the clinic’s goal to reach $200 million is within sight, said  Mitchell Abeln, director of finance for the Destination Medical Center Economic Development Agency, reports the  Star Tribune.

So far, it has a total of $152.4 million in private investment.

The Destination Medical Center project  is meant to make Rochester even more of a destination center for patients and their families from across the world than Mayo’s fame has already made it.

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