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Marc Pierson: Escaping ‘Economic Constriction’


Read Cambridge Management Group Senior Adviser (and healthcare visionary) Marc Pierson, M.D.,’s piece, linked here, on “Economic Constriction,” which includes both text and graphics.

He writes at the end:

“{T}here is now a very  strong cultural drumbeat calling each of us to begin with the creation of an Enterprise, a business, or simply employment and from there it is all to easy to adopt an expedient style of Power Over others (in exchange from money or career advancement rather than inclusion into beauty). This path narrows Knowledge to what is useful for the enterprise and discards wisdom. This path reduces Ethics to legal maneuvering to ensure that the penalties are economically manageable or sufficiently delayed. This path reduces Aesthetics to entertainment. There you have much of the current situation fueled by a culture that accepts the primacy of business and money. What remains of our lives is a shaky derivative of Economically guided and unbalanced approach to living. We are reduced to producers and consumers, much less than the people we hoped to be.”

“It is a simple matter to step away from the  awkwardness of our culturally biased economic perspective back to a more human and participatory way of being that stays forever connected to what we personally care about. From there a easy sense of fairness, a curiosity which leads toward wisdom, toward a way of associating with others and into shared enterprises arise.

“Nothing very human flows when economics is the starting place.

“Love of something is the best starting place.”

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