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New ways to use data to boost community health


Stephen Goldsmith, in an article in Governing magazine, writes:

“Some policymakers have already had notable success with wellness-based approaches to public health. Oklahoma City famously went from the ‘fattest’ to the ‘fittest’ list in 2012 when its residents, led by the once-portly Mayor Mick Cornett, collectively shed a million pounds and recorded their progress on a Web site devoted to the project. In 2014, Austin, Texas, worked with Children’s Optimal Health, an Austin-based nonprofit, to map body mass index and cardiovascular fitness scores and convene educators, health experts and community members. Other interventions in communities around the country — such as soda taxes, calorie ‘nudges’ and bike-sharing programs — have shown tremendous promise for improving public health.

“Just as new diagnostic tools, fitness apps, digital monitoring devices and DNA breakthroughs are changing personal health with new data, public health is undergoing a revolution in the way it approaches epidemiology.”

To read Mr. Goldsmith’s article,  please hit this link.

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