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A checkup in your cubicle



New apps let patients get checked by physicians and nurse practitioners at the patients’ own workplaces.

One app is called Pager, a sort of Uber for doctors, or Seamless for sick workers, or pick your startup analogy.

As Bloomberg reports “Instead of sitting in the emergency room or scheduling a far-off visit to the doctor, busy ailing people can tap their phone and get doctors and nurses affiliated with major New York City health systems to their door in two hours or less. Most people use the app for in-home care, but Pager says it has seen thousands of workplace users. Similar services, such as Heal and Go2Nurse, are available in Los Angeles and Chicago, respectively. ”

“But as convenient as it is to see a doctor at work, it can be awkward, too, especially in the office-less modern office.”

“Like many perks of the modern office, telemedicine and doctors on demand are a productivity booster masquerading as a convenience. ”

It’s getting harder and harder to escape work. And healthcare is getting more and more spread out.


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