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Growing importance of patients’ reporting their medical outcomes


MedCity News reports:

Just 18 percent of hospitals always consult patient-reported outcomes when making clinical decisions and setting care guidelines, according to a survey of hospital executives, conducted by Salt Lake City-based analytics firm Health Catalyst. Still, that is a higher rate than some expected.

“Patient-reported outcomes seem to be the next horizon in quality reporting and scoring. To date, reports on outcomes and patient safety have mostly indicated whether a hospital has harmed individuals, not how patients perceive care or whether treatment improved their quality of life.”

“That is changing. Notably, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services already incorporates patient-reported outcomes into its value-based payment program for knee and hip replacements, though reporting is voluntary for now. But the Merit-based Incentive Payment System (MIPS), which is scheduled to take effect in 2019, will consider patient-reported outcomes in the calculation of Medicare payments to physicians.”

To read the MedCity News article on this, please hit this link.

Diagnosis: Healthcare has a case of data analytics



In a sign of the increasing importance of the healthcare sector in data analytics, note that Hospitals & Health Networks reports that six healthcare systems are investors in and customers of analytics company Health Catalyst or the rival it just bought, Health Care Data Works.

Brant Heise, managing director of the MemorialCare Innovation Fund, an investor in Health Care Data Works, told H&HN:

“We find that there are tremendous synergies that you can develop and foster between the entrepreneurial community and the healthcare system community by taking a slightly different approach than a typical vendor-client relationship. It’s really much more collaborative and collegial. We find that it’s tremendously valuable for all sides.”




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