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GOP said to mull 4 ACA replacement provisions


Politico reports that congressional Republicans Republicans and  Trump administration officials  “are scrambling to get Obamacare repeal efforts back on track by stuffing as much of a replacement policy as possible into a repeal bill.”

Four Affordable Care Act replacement measures are reportedly being considered.

The changes would include expanding Health Savings Accounts, enacting high-risk health-insurance pools, revising Medicaid and authorizing tax credits to help people buy insurance policies.

The idea is to  win over Republicans who have been insisting that repeal and replace be taken up simultaneously. Their ambivalence has been fueled in part by fear of voter anger if the GOP kills some popular parts of the ACA.

Politico reported that “replacement policies would be rolled into a measure repealing the 2010 healthcare law, which will be taken up and passed under an expedited process only requiring 51 votes for passage in the Senate. It’s still unclear whether the Senate parliamentarian will allow the replacement pieces to be inserted into the bill. But if she signs off, the policies could provide reassurance to GOP lawmakers eager to make good on longstanding vows to scrap the health law who want to vote on some replacement policy at the same time.”

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