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Where population health and consumerism meet


Health Forum convened a panel of healthcare executives and other experts on June 11 in New York City to discuss the intersection of population health and consumerism.

Here’s their discussion.


Key findings from the panel, as summarized by Hospitals & Health Networks:

• “As hospitals and health systems strive to become more consumer-friendly, they may need to rethink some common terminology, such as ‘patient-centered medical home’ and ‘discharge’ to reflect consumer sentiment.

• “Population-health management does not mean an organization needs to provide all things to all people. Instead, hospitals and health systems should focus their efforts on providing preventive care and wellness to certain populations, such as patients with co-morbidities.

• “Price and brand are top of mind for consumers. However, consumers are willing to go out of network for services if they find poor ratings among in-network physicians. Other important considerations for consumers are convenience and wait time.”

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