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CMS reports success in home-based primary-care pilot program

CMS reports that a pilot program to deliver primary care to patients in their homes saved a total of $7.8 million  — an average of $746 per beneficiary — in its second year. Fifteen practices covering more than 10,000 beneficiaries took part in the second year of the Independence at Home Demonstration.

Many experts have long argued that home-based primary-care services could help cut the high costs associated with hospitalizations, especially for old people.

HealthcareDIVE commented: “The Independence at Home Demonstration was intended to explore ways that multidisciplinary teams of healthcare providers can improve health for beneficiaries while reducing costs. If the recently reported financial results are any indication, the strategy might be a successful one.’’

While home-based primary-care services can help address the health challenges of American’s swelling number of old people, only 12 percent of homebound individuals reported having these services available, Terry Fulmer, president of the John A. Hartford Foundation, told The Huffington Post.

To read his piece in The Huffington Post, please hit this link.


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