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3 lessons in improving patient-care transitions


This piece presents three lessons in improving patient-care transitions in a look at Indiana University Health North Hospital’s (in Indianapolis) experience.
The article recommends:

An interprofessional approach: A focus “on only nurses or physicians, or any single type of provider, was not broad enough to engage all of the process stakeholders. It was an inter-professional approach that ultimately led to synergy and organizational insight to support our initiatives.”

Consistency among providers: “Another lesson learned was the importance of inter-professional collaboration as an element of the improvement process. Ensuring that each provider understands his or her role and the consistent message and terminology for use is essential. ”

Data collection and timing processes:  “Data management and capturing the timing of improvements was an additional process barrier to overcome to make sustainable changes. As Indiana University Health North Hospital began to better understand processes, both measurement tracking and collecting specific metrics increased. The importance of knowing the baseline state of data, and the potential impact points within a process, became increasingly evident as a prerequisite for understanding changes.”


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