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Nurses urged to get more active in policymaking


Citing the effects of the Affordable Care Act and nurses winning a wider scope of practice in many states,  the author of an article in Minority Nurse says nurses ought to become more active  in healthcare policy as they gain more authority in hospitals.

Janice Phillips, Ph.D., R.N., noted that conducting research among underserved populations on breast-cancer disparities led her to lobbying and public-policy advocacy to reduce these disparities.

Becker’s Hospital Review summarized her suggestions:

  • “Take health-policy courses during their nurse training.
  • Attend in-person and virtual lobby days.
  • “Analyze publications and presentations for policy implications.
  • “Read policy journals.
  • “Share personal policy-related experiences.
  • “Factor policy components into day-to-day clinical work, such as student interviews with legislators.
  • “Identify policy implications in everyday practice.”



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