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How to build a profitable clinic



According to this piece in Medical Economics, “All of these metrics (in Dr. Kulin’s company] are tracked with one goal in mind: To provide patients with fast, friendly and effective care, in a manner that makes clear that patients’ time and health concerns are of paramount importance, just as important as the time of the physicians and nurses. ”

“What Kulin’s practice takes pride in is blending the old fashioned notion of customer service with an effective use of technologies and approaches to engaging patients, motivate staff members and, ultimately, supercharge revenue.”

Dr. Kulin’s practice is growing, “through both expansion and increased patient volume, and it’s happening at a time when independent practices of all kinds are struggling.”

His clinic does this by, among other things:

  • “Shortening wait times and engaging with patients outside the office through use of the patient portal.”
  • “Leveraging appropriate technology—including electronic health records, a patient portal and consumer technology such as iPads—and carefully integrating it into his workflow and patient outreach efforts.”
  • “Coordinating care by partnering with the primary-care practices in his area to ensure that patients who visit his urgent care aren’t lost in the shuffle, and that their physicians are kept up to date on the care they receive.”
  • “Building a goal-oriented, unified company culture that ensures all employees are working at the top of their licenses….”

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