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Physicians should get more credit


A marvel, but not as much as the body.

Jordan Grumet, M.D., an internist, pleads for physicians to get more credit. After all, he says, they’re right 80-90 percent of the time and are far more reliable, than, say, Dr. Grumet’s refrigerators, which are much less complicated than the human body.


MOC: Finally, physicians strike back

Jordan Grumet, M.D., writes about how the “greedy group” of “once doctors” at the American Board of Internal Medicine (ABIM) went too far and “awoke the heart of the lion in the poor bleating body of the lamb” known as physicians.

The ABIM’s efforts “to boost revenues announced new maintenance of certification (MOC) requirements.  These largely unproven, waste of time and money efforts, did something that all the legislation and finger pointing on Capitol Hill had largely avoided”: An angry pushback by overworked doctors already  strangling in red tape.

”Maintenance of certification has become the spark that has finally ignited the beleaguered physician. Faced with a nonsensical healthcare system mired in administrative minutia, we have found a rallying cry that symbolizes all that trampling we have endured over the last few decades.  The hope rings out from city to city, that if we can just conquer MOC, then maybe Meaningful Use will be next. ”

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