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The old and outpatient future of healthcare



Christmas in a nursing home.

To see the future of healthcare, think old and think outpatient.

An article in The Boston Globe predicts that while healthcare will continue to be a “reliable engine for job growth in coming years” that growth will slow as payers seek to control costs.

”More important, the aging population is increasing demand for nurses, physical therapists, nursing assistants, and home care workers,” the article says.

“The wave of the future is going to be geriatrics,” Tammy Retalic, chief nursing officer at Hebrew Rehabilitation Center in {Boston’s} Roslindale, a division of Hebrew SeniorLife, told the Globe.

The paper also reported that in the state’s ”two-year forecast for 2013-2015, the state projects 6.8 percent job growth in outpatient healthcare services, compared with just 1.4 percent for hospitals. Meanwhile, the shortage of primary care physicians is increasing demand for nurse practitioners and certified midwives.”

“{C}linical documentation, medical coding, billing, and information technology” are seen as among the big growth areas.



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