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Steve Jobs and the future of healthcare


Mr. Nagpal, currently cofounder and CEO of healthcare-outcomes company LumiraDx Care Solutions, had started a consulting company focused exclusively on the market for NeXT, Mr Jobs’s company, to help companies learn how to use NeXT’s technology. Mr. Nagpal started consulting for NeXT, working with Fortune 50 early adopters of the technology and selling NeXT’s vision of quickly building critical business apps using its platform.

Mr. Nagpal discusses working with Mr. Jobs, the biggest challenges and issues facing health IT and what Mr. Jobs might think of the state of healthcare today.

The topics include:

What Steve Jobs was like to worth with.

Parallels between Steve Jobs’s work with NeXT and Apple and the current healthcare landscape.

Leadership lessons  from Steve Jobs.

What  Steve Jobs  might think of healthcare today.


Mr. Nagpal says he “saw the brilliance first hand of Steve Jobs’s creations and how passionate he felt about life and satisfying the end user. So the memories I have of Steve Jobs and his ability to make the complex seem so practical can never be depicted on a movie screen, but I hope to help drive his passion onward in healthcare in real-time results.”

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