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It’s all about the ‘care teams’



“{Florence} Nightingale receiving the Wounded at Scutari,” by Jerry Barrett

An article in Nurses Count says:

“{W}hen the brand slips, the entire healthcare enterprise starts to unwind and spiral. It’s not pretty. As one CEO said ‘if the care teams stop favoring my hospitals and clinics, and move their procedures and patients away to competitors, as a CEO, I’m cooked.”’

“CEOs do stay awake at night worrying about clinical care and containing unnecessary expenses and reducing variability in the way care is delivered.  In many ways those objective measures of operational performance are ‘easier’ to box, than the ‘unstructured’ perceptions of service quality of patients.  It can be very frustrating.”

“But it’s intertwined by that X-Factor that joins the clinical quality stats with the patient perception of quality measures.  That X-factor is the care team.”

“What drives the quality that is underlying this brand warfare?  It’s our X-Factor— great care teams.”

“For quality of care (a major determinant of healthcare reimbursements), the highest influencing factor according to the study is nursing care, followed by staff responsiveness. The impact of the admissions process, physician care, and the treatment room experience was less than 20%. Message: If you are losing sleep over reimbursements take better care of your nursing team and staff.”

“Top leaders focus on this X-Factor of the care teams because it drives all of these operational statistics and patient quality perception measures. ”


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