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Webinar: How to design bundled-payment systems for maximum clinical and financial success


In this audio/video webinar, “Physicians Design Success With Bundles,’’ George Beauregard, D.O., Chief Physician Executive of St. Luke’s Health Partners/Idaho, previously Chief Clinical Officer, Pinnacle Health, Harrisburg, Penn.; Jack Frankeny, M.D., CEO of the Orthopedic Institute of Pennsylvania, Harrisburg, and Bob Harrington, a director and senior adviser at Cambridge Management Group (, discuss how physicians and healthcare organizations can prosper in the bundled-payment world through collaboration-driven, physician-enabled change to meet new reimbursement challenges posed by public- and private-sector payers.

CMG has been heavily involved in assisting hospitals and physicians to redesign their bundled episodes of health services to hold and then grow market share.

This webinar demonstrates how physicians and hospitals can avoid being hurt in a race to the bottom of pricing in a newly commoditized market and how to meet the challenges posed to regional healthcare players by the entry of national brands, the shift to outpatient work and winner-take-all faceoffs.

The webinar shows how, among other things:

  • Physicians and hospitals can work together for common goals.
  • Orthopedic surgeons can play nice on a teamJ
  • Perfecting parts of bundles is not good enough.
  • Success depends on managing interactions among the parts of healthcare episodes.
  • Patient experience is at the center.
  • Effective physician leadership depends on activated colleagues.
  • To realign incentives and restore physicians’ enthusiasm.

Readers should push the arrow at the lower left to start the show, which we think you will enjoy.

Vast differences in prices for knee, hip surgeries


A study  by the Blue Cross and Blue Shield Association shows gigantic price variations  across America for  the same kinds of knee and hip surgeries.

Will this new transparency lead to more equal and reasonable costs? We’d guess that since most insured patients are now being called upon to pay more of their medical costs as part of high-deductible policies, that there will indeed be price pressure — downward.


Erica Mobley, director of communications at the Leapfrog Group, an employer-backed organization that promotes healthcare quality, told Modern Healthcare that quality and safety measures have to be released in conjunction with price information.

”’Displaying cost information is great,’ Mobley said. ‘But it really is important that people and organizations who display this information think more than just cost.’ …”Blue Cross does rate higher quality providers for a handful of procedures, including knee and hip replacements,” Modern Healthcare noted.

Fine, still, indications are that patients will be most interested in cost of these common but very expensive procedures. Orthopedic surgeons may see their revenues fall substantially as a result of the new transparency, which  lets payers of all kinds finally  be able to do real comparison-shopping.

More and more patients will be traveling to the least expensive places for surgery. That means  that teaching hospitals  in some big cities may take a big hit in the next few years as the pricing gaps become vividly apparent.

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