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Healthcare-sector hiring keeps rising


Healthcare sector hiring continued to rise in January, reports the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, with 38,300 new jobs added in ambulatory care, hospitals and nursing.

The numbers are seen as indicators of future healthcare demand and spending.
M0dern Healthcare, deconstructing the numbers, reported that:

”Ambulatory care employment, including physician offices, added 21,700 jobs in January, an increase of 0.3%.”

”Physician-office hiring boomed in January, adding 13,400 jobs during the month, compared with 3,300 jobs in December, bringing the number of employees in that setting to 2.5 million. For the year that ended in January, physician offices increased their payrolls by 71,800 workers, or an increase of 2.9%. ”

The physician-office hiring intrigued us at Cambridge Management Group because it came even as more and more physicians are being hired to be health-system employees.
Modern Healthcare also reported:
”Hospitals added 9,600 jobs in January after strong hiring in November and December. The 0.2% increase for the month (and 1.2% growth for the year that ended in January) boosted hospital employment to 4.8 million.

”Nursing home and residential care added 7,000 jobs last month, an increase of 0.2%, to bring total employment in the sector to 3.3 million. In the year that ended in January, nursing homes and residential care added 44,300 jobs, an increase of 1.4%.”

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