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‘Tipping point’ seen for digital health tools



Graphic by Paul Sonier

A new survey from digital-venture firm Rock Health says that America is at a “tipping point” for adopting digital health tools.

The company’s second annual survey of what it called more than 4,000 “representative” U.S. adults found that 46 percent  are now active digital health adopters, up from 19 percent in 2015. An active adopter is seen as someone who has  used three or more categories of digital health tools, such as telemedicine and wearables.  Meanwhile, the company said, the number who are non-adopters dropped to 12 percent this year from 20 percent in 2015. {We at CMG  suspect that these figures may be exaggerated because of Rock’s vested interest in having people use digital devices.}

“We’re at a tipping point, and we’ll continue to see growth in this,” says Ashlee Adams, vice president of partnerships and strategies for Rock Health and an author  of the study.

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