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Dramatic fraud trial about shut Chicago hospital


The Chicago Tribune reports that a federal prosecutor at a fraud trial charged that  greed-driven {administrators and physicians} at a now-closed Chicago institution, Sacred Heart Hospital,  grossly violated patients’ trust.

”But attorneys for two of the three former administrators on trial told jurors said underlings were to blame for the wrongdoing,” reported the Tribune.

The newspaper reported that ‘Federal authorities raided the hospital in 2013 amid bombshell allegations that doctors were performing medically unnecessary tracheotomies and giving heavy sedation to patients in a process called ‘snowing.’ At least five deaths at the hospital had been under scrutiny at one time, authorities said.”

”But when the indictment came six months later, none of the allegations involving patient deaths or oversedation was leveled against any of the defendants.”

”Prosecutors instead focused on kickbacks they allege were paid out on nearly every level to fill empty beds — with administrators doling out cash and gifts to physicians, ambulance companies, nursing homes and even van drivers. Physicians received kickbacks disguised as rent payments or teaching fees, according to prosecutors.”




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