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Free webinar: How to prosper in a bundled-payment world

Physician leaders,  hospital administrators and payers are among  those who will benefit from listening to the webinar “Physicians Design Success With Bundled Payments” on Tuesday, April 5, at 1-2 p.m.  EDT.  The program is hosted by the Society for Healthcare Strategy and Marketing Development, part of the American Hospital Association.

The session will explain how to make bundled-payment programs work to improve outcomes and  to address the intensifying demands of public- and private-sector payers for stronger cost controls. Much of healthcare is moving toward bundled payments. This webinar will help speed  you on your way in this new value- and evidence-based reimbursement world.

Speaking will be Dr. George Beauregard, chief physician executive at St.  Luke’s Health Partners, Boise, Idaho; Dr, Jack Frankeny, CEO of the Orthopedic Institute of Pennsylvania, in Harrisburg, Pa., and Bob Harrington, partner and senior adviser at Cambridge Management Group, Belmont, Mass.

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