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The battle to improve patient satisfaction

Some hospitals succeed and others struggle to improve patient satisfaction, says this Kaiser Health News article.

Two examples from it:

”At Virginia Hospital Center in Arlington, executives credit improvements in patient satisfaction to their psychological screening methods in hiring and rigorous job reviews. Potential nurses and other staff must first pass a behavioral screening test and then be interviewed and endorsed by some of the staffers with whom they would be working. In the third element of the program, every six months, managers rate employee performance as high, medium or low. Low performers are told to improve or find work elsewhere.”

But, ”Nudging up scores has been a frustrating endeavor elsewhere, like at Novant Health, a nonprofit hospital system that runs Rowan Medical Center and 13 other hospitals in North Carolina, South Carolina and Virginia. While some Novant hospitals have excellent patient reviews, Rowan’s scores have remained stubbornly low since Novant took over the hospital in 2008.”

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