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Time to move faster to health-system decentralization

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Kent Bottles, M.D.,  writes in an essay in FierceHealthcare that now is the time for hospitals to move to much more decentralized healthcare-delivery system. Among his remarks:

“Seven years ago, I anticipated this developmen {the need for decentralization}  and proposed that hospitals must totally rethink their mission and strategy by becoming Community Hubs of Wellness and Health. The traditional clinical delivery system model—organized around a centralized hospital that provides diagnosis, treatment and disease management—simply no longer makes sense.

“Community Hubs of Wellness and Health would:

  • “Support a community’s embrace of the Healthy People 2020 program goals, which provide science-based 10-year national objectives for improving the health of Americans
  • “Create links between hospitals and other community groups
  • “Become a meeting place that is seamlessly integrated into the community
  • “House a trusted repository for advice on how to use new technologies—such as digital devices, AI virtual reality—to attain wellness
  • “Connect with diverse communities as the demographics of a community changes.”

To read his essay, please hit this link.

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