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Tips for hospital social-media sites

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One of the things that the hospital did was to start a hospital Facebook page.

Some of the ways they optimized social media to engage with patients:

  • ”We use our page to connect with our clients and families to post news of events that will be happening and to provide them with education on topics related to pregnancy and childbirth.
  • ”It allows us to get our message out to the community.
  • ”Social media provides patients and families another way to contact us prior to their admission or after discharge and ask questions and get a response quickly.
  • ”We celebrate the great things we do on our unit by sharing pictures with our followers.”

Here are some of their tips for  social-media sites:

  • ”Posts need to be made several times per week.
  • ”Activity needs to be monitored on a minimum of two times per day, but ideally more often.
  • ”People who are asking questions on social media want a response quickly.
  • ”Monitor the check-ins to your facility, respond to concerns or compliments and use it as a tool to promote exceptional patient experience.”




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