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Too many moving parts

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“Our time is short, and we are bombarded with prior authorizations, faxes, in-basket messages, emails, e-prescribing requests, transportation forms, home care forms, more things to sign, click, approve, renew, redo….”

“Clearly we need to reinvent some of these systems, to simplify and streamline things, to help providers practice up to their license, before the joy of practicing medicine is completely lost.”

“This morning, one of my interns came to me crushed and understandably flustered by the deluge of messages, faxes, forms, urgent requests for pain medicines, and assistance from other providers in the practice, that he been buried under for the past few days. He felt that while he was seeing patients he was stressed and overwhelmed, trying to figure out which of their complaints were critically important, potentially life-threatening, or could be delayed to another day.”


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