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The transformation of Ohio’s healthcare

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Governing Magazine looks at how a small state office in Ohio has transformed healthcare in that state. The article concludes:

“When he ran for president in 2016,  {Ohio Gov. John} Kasich took heat from his Republican primary opponents for his health-care decisions. He was assailed for expanding Medicaid, which many Republicans see as an unsustainable financial proposition that merely increases the size of government. These days, Kasich says he’s not interested in pleading his case to other Republicans about why he believes expanding and transforming health care works. He says he’s convinced history will show he made the right decision. ‘Tell me how [else] you’re going to go about meeting the needs of people. Tell me what you’re going to do to help the drug addicted and mentally ill. I haven’t heard of a better solution,’ he says. Everything else ‘is all smoke and mirrors.”’

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