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Trevor Noah meets U.S. health care

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The new Daily Show host, Trevor Noah, was disappointed by U.S. healthcare before and after his emergency appendectomy.

MedCity News reported that he believes  that Americans aren’t in touch with reality when it comes to emergencies. “I don’t know if  ’emergency room’ is the right term, because they make you wait,” Mr. Noah said.

“Not only that, but while in excruciating pain, there didn’t seem to be much regard for the fact that filling out paper work was the last thing he could focus on. ‘The lady’s like, ‘Can you fill out the form?’ And I’m like, ‘Well, no, I’m dying.’ And she’s like, ‘Yeah, but I need you to fill out the form first.’”

MedCity reported that Mr. Noah also wasn’t sure if he had insurance to cover the appendectomy,  suggesting how many people have emergencies and  don’t know the coverage they have in such situations. “Fortunately, he would be able to afford the bill regardless, but he still rested on the fact that his wife could take care of it.”

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