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Trump’s ‘willfull neglect’ of ACA said to be aimed at killing it

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Keith L. Martin, the editor of Medical Economics, accuses the Trump administration of trying to kill the Affordable Care Act through willful neglect.

He writes:

“He {President Trump} is willing to turn his back and walk away from insurance subsidies, promoting open enrollment and other means to simply watch the foundation crumble.”

“{The} president … plans to sit back, take in a few rounds of golf and wait for the marketplaces to fail, causing panic for both patient and physician.

“There is growing bipartisan support to make needed repairs, and keep the foundation of the law in place, however.

“One can only hope that the president takes stock of his ‘willful neglect’ of Obamacare. I’m not asking him to endorse the entire legislation, which absolutely needs some work. I’m simply asking him to be a good Samaritan and not walk away.”

To read all of Mr. Martin’s essay, please hit this link.



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