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UnitedHealth quitting ACA marketplaces in at least 16 states

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UnitedHealth Group Inc.  says it will will get out of the  health-insurance marketplaces created by the Affordable Care Act in at least 16 states as the huge company tries to stem losses from participating in the program. It’s not clear how much this will affect hospital and physician-practice finances in those states.

Bloomberg News reported that UnitedHealth hasn’t yet listed the markets it’s leaving, and “confirmations of the company’s withdrawals have been trickling in from regulators in the 34 states where the company sold plans for this year. The insurer won’t sell individual ACA plans for 2017 in states including Texas, North Carolina and Maryland. UnitedHealth also is withdrawing from some related state insurance markets for small businesses.”

Chief Executive Officer Stephen Hemsley said that the company will be selling ACA plans in “only a handful of states” next year, saying that the exchange market is proving to be smaller and riskier than UnitedHealth expected.”We cannot broadly serve it on an effective and sustained basis,” he told investors.

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