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UVM Health Network offers to put excess revenue into public-benefit programs

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Main entrance to UVM Medical Center.

The University of Vermont Health Network has offered to spend extra revenue from fiscal 2015 on public-benefit programs,  says a VT Digger report.

John Brumsted, M.D.,  the chief executive of UVM Health Network, appeared before the Green Mountain Care Board  and acknowledged that the system’s hospitals exceeded their FY 2015 revenue targets.

The Green Mountain Care Board is in charge of controlling the rate of growth in healthcare costs in the state. The board  tries to curb cost growth by limiting the money that hospitals can receive from patient services.

Dr. Brumsted estimated that the hospital network took in $29.1 million more than it should have in FY 2015. He  cited higher patient volume in the excess revenue.

“We propose to address this departure from the approved (patient care revenue) levels through reductions as well as investments tied to our network’s commitment to improving people’s lives through population health management,” Dr. Brumsted told the Green Mountain Care Board.

The system proposes that $6 million in excess revenue  go to substance-abuse and dental- health initiatives and $3 million to help cover the cost of setting up an “all-payer” model in Vermont.

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