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Video/text: Knocking down barriers to behavioral change

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Kevin Volpp, M.D., discusses, in an NEJM Catalyst program, how to knock down barriers to behavioral change in health care. He is patient- engagement theme leader for NEJM Catalyst and founding director of Penn Medicine’s Leonard Davis Institute Center for Health Incentives and Behavioral Economics.

Among his remarks:

“To help people change behavior, we can think about either pushing them harder or lowering barriers to make it easier. My philosophy is, we should start by lowering barriers whenever possible.”

Dr. Volpp highlights seven ways to knock down or least at lower these barriers. In NEJM’s words:

  • “Changing defaults
  • “Simplifying complicated processes
  • “Reducing out-of-pocket costs
  • “Using technology in supportive ways
  • “Raising taxes on unhealthy items
  • “Using social support

“Making it fun’’

To read and hear his remarks, please hit this link.




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