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Figuring out your health might be a lot simpler than undergoing all those tests and wearing those new devices. Indeed, as MedScape notes,  it doesn’t have to be digital at all.

“For persons of middle age (40 to 70 years), self-reported overall health and walking speed were the best predictors of death in the next 5 years, according to a new study  in the Lancet.

“In an analysis of nearly 500,000 UK citizens followed for 5 years, these two simple questions outperformed 655 measurements of demographics, health, and lifestyle. Is your health excellent, good, average, or poor? Is your walking pace slow, average, or brisk? Along with smoking, those two basic questions, inquiries that hardly require a digital device, were the best predictors of staying alive in the next 5 years.

“Pause for a moment here and ponder the beauty of that top-line result. Half a million people followed for 5 years; 655 measures of health, including heart rate, blood pressure, and lab tests, and the best predictors were that simple.”

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