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Ex-Cisco exec/new CMG adviser talks about the centrality of bundled payments

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CMG chatted with one of its relatively new senior advisers, Reza Mahdavi, the other day. Mr. Mahdavi is a well known international executive, technologist and consultant who has brought to CMG a rich mix of business and applied-technology experience.

He helps to make process analytics and patient-specific data swiftly available and understandable to clients. CMG is integrating Mr. Mahdavi’s experience with existing CMG services to guide client teams launching bundled episodes of health services and further focus on improving clinicians’ effective use of software.

Mr. Mahdavi told us: “We at CMG believe that implementing and refining bundled-care programs {a CMG specialty} will be the main tool for addressing payers’ (especially CMS’s) value-based mandates. ‘’ CMG early on understood the clinical and organizational-economics implications of bundled care, which is now rapidly being expanded from the orthopedic sector, where it started, to such other areas as cardiology.

Mr. Mahdavi is probably best known for his work at Cisco Systems, where, among other duties, he led the company’s sales and service operations in developing nations. In this post, he helped make the Developing World the company’s highest growth region. For three years running he was named Cisco’s vice president of the year.

Mr. Mahdavi said he was drawn to work with Cambridge Management Group, founded back in 1985, because of its “deep knowledge of healthcare’s unique organizational structures and collaborative needs and the emotional intelligence of CMG senior advisers in working with clinicians and healthcare executives. CMG understands the mindsets of people working in healthcare.’’ Given that its staff comprise a mix of people with lengthy clinical and/or executive experience that’s not surprising.

“No organization that I am aware of has such knowledge of the structure and language of healthcare institutions and expertise in facilitating interactions among clinicians and others in healthcare while improving hospitals’ bottom lines.

“CMG has a well-known ability to help get clinicians, famous for their desire for maximum autotomy, to realign their work to address the new organizational and process demands of healthcare reform.

“Healthcare has not been good at creating efficient and cost-effective organizational structures because, in part, clinicians, are used to a great deal of independence.

“And healthcare institutions have tended to mold themselves around the needs and wants of clinicians more than around patients. At Cisco, it was the other way around: We molded our organization around the needs and wants of the customers.’’

But now there’s “‘patient-centered care,’ pushed by payers and patients newly empowered by access to vast amounts of comparative information. Cambridge Management has been in the forefront of this change, armed with its more than three decades of experience in working very closely with hospital executives and clinicians.

“This knowledge helps CMG help institutions meet the demands of new government-mandated value-based reimbursement systems by structuring the most efficient bundled-care systems for improving medical outcomes while ensuring the long-term financial health of hospitals and other healthcare institutions. ‘’

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