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FCC’s ‘net-neutrality’ ruling and healthcare


The Advisory Board Company looks at how the Federal Communications Commission’s decision on ”net neutrality” will affect the healthcare sector. Among the reactions:

“Mike Putnam—senior vice president of American Well, a telehealth provider—said he supports FCC’s net neutrality rules, noting his company has seen an increase in provider visits over mobile networks since releasing an app that enables patients to speak with doctors through the video functions on their phones.

“Matthew Douglass, vice president of Practice Fusion, praised the decision, saying ‘Reclassification of [Internet service providers] under Title II ensures that product features, pricing, and functionality are the drivers of innovation and choice in our healthcare technology market, unimpeded by whether a new company can simply afford to reach their customers.'”

“Ryan Radai of the Competitive Enterprise Institute said FCC’s plans to regulate mobile networks will be counterproductive for technologies that rely on high-speed Internet.”

“IT Now Executive Director Joel White described the rules as ‘unprecedented and dangerous.’ He said his organization ‘fears that hampering the Internet economy with heavy handed regulations will slow the development and expansion of new innovative medical technologies that rely on broadband.”‘


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