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Tougher times seen coming for hospitals under Trump


Tougher times may be coming to hospitals under the Trump administration.

Whatever changes, including repeal, of course, occur to the Affordable Care Act, there will probably be “less coverage, or less generous coverage” in  insurance, Gary Claxton, vice president at the Kaiser Family Foundation, told CNBC.

“If you start with the hospitals, it seems unlikely that as many people will have coverage that is as generous as currently exists. So that means that when they go to the hospitals, they’ll have less money to pay with, or less insurance. So it seems unlikely this will be good for hospitals.”

Mr. Trump has pledged to repeal the ACA and replace it with a yet-to-be-announced plan. Congressional Republicans vow to back him.

Minda Wilson, a Los Angeles healthcare lawyer and author warned CNBC about potential damage to hospital reimbursement from the plan to changing Medicaid to a block-grant program for the states. “I think the hospitals are not going to do well, period,” she said.

This may be reflected  in the fact that the stocks of the for-profit hospital chains have all fallen a lot since Mr. Trump’s  election.

To get the CNBC report, please hit this link.

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