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Ill. governor refuses to expand medical-marijuana list



Illinois Gov. Bruce Rauner’s administration has issued a broad rejection  of expanding the list of diseases that can be treated with medical marijuana in the Land of Lincoln, refusing to add osteoarthritis, migraine, post-traumatic stress disorder and eight other health problems, the Associated Press reported.

“Separately, the governor vetoed a bill that would have added PTSD via a legislative route,” the AP reported.

“The moves were a stern rebuke of recommendations from an expert advisory board appointed by Rauner’s predecessor, Democrat Pat Quinn.”

“Adding conditions would have expanded the potential base of patients. So far, only 3,000 Illinois patients have been approved to use marijuana for conditions listed in the original law, such as cancer, HIV and multiple sclerosis.”

As healthcare costs surge, expect more pushback against using public money to pay for such controversial treatments as marijuana and Viagra. Illinois has  been facing  a huge budget deficit and spiraling pension costs. It’s no wonder that he doesn’t want to dramatically expand the legal use (and thus cost) of marijuana as a med that Illinois’s Medicaid program would pay for.

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