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Ascension hopes to use Cayman venture to boost productivity



Signs on Grand Cayman commemorating hurricanes.

This Modern Healthcare article discusses how the St. Louis-based Ascension  Health system hopes that its joint venture in the Cayman Islands will provide a model for raising hospital productivity. But, as this article notes, making the model work in the U.S. “would require major changes in physician and nurse behavior,” as well as overhauling how “ORs, ICUs and PACUs {post-anesthesia care units} operate and numerous regulatory reforms.”

Modern Healthcare says that “Ascension, which last month made the Cayman alternative available to its 1,000 headquarters’ employees and any other employee who isn’t within a hundred miles of an Ascension-owned facility, the venture represents a learning opportunity. It wants to see if its new partner’s lean healthcare model, perfected in India by Dr. Devi Shetty—whom the Wall Street Journal in 2009 dubbed the Henry Ford of heart surgery—can be transferred to its 129 hospitals in the U.S.”

The publication notes that “The focus on productivity isn’t just in the operating room. Instead of separate intensive-care units and post-anesthesia care units, Health City has a 17-bed open ward ICU that is used for both functions.”


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