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Vets study: Patients prefer telehealth visits




“Shangri La” (archival pigment print), by CLINT BACLAWSKI, in the “Multiple Perspectives” show through Oct. 11 at Adelson Galleries, Boston.

Reuters, reporting on an article in JAMA Surgery, says that “People may happily, and safely, forgo in-person doctors’ visits after surgery by opting instead for talking with their surgeons by phone or video, suggests a small study of U.S. veterans.

“Most patients preferred the virtual visits and the doctors didn’t miss any infections that popped up after surgery….”

“These kinds of methods are really important in the climate we’re in now,” said lead author Michael Vella, M.D., of Vanderbilt University Medical Center, in Nashville. “So I think anything you can do to save money, see more patients and improve access to care is really important.”

“Past research has found that telehealth visits may be useful in the treatment of chronic conditions and after surgery, but less is known about patients’ preferences for these types of visits, they add,” Reuters reported.





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