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Duke’s simple survey said to improve patient satisfaction


Fierce Healthcare reports:

“A simple, one-page survey developed by Duke Health has helped improve patient satisfaction with doctor visits.

“The form, given to patients ahead of their doctor visit, asks them to list three concerns they want to discuss with their physician and asks them for feedback at the conclusion of the visit.

“The form, tested with over 14,000 patients seen by a dozen doctors at the Duke Spine Center outpatient practice, improved patient satisfaction with the care they received, according to a study published in  the journal Neurosurgery.

“The survey improved communication between doctors and patients and also allowed for real-time feedback. At the end of the visit, the survey asks patients if all their questions were addressed and if they were satisfied, giving doctors immediate feedback on how well they addressed patients’ needs. The form also includes an open-ended question that asks how the clinic could better support patient care.”

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