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3 principles for better bundled payments

In this HealthAffairs article,    Robert Dubois and Michael Ciarametaro present three principles to maximize benefits and minimize negative consequences of bundled payments:

  • “Bundled payments should be adequate for the care needed to achieve optimal patient outcomes. This includes setting an appropriate time frame, providing sufficient reimbursement for services and technology, and targeting a homogenous population.
  • “Evidence-based treatment variability should be incorporated into the bundled payment, including risk adjustment as needed and allowances for patient choice.
  • “Quality metrics should be used to ensure appropriate care in a bundled payment program. Quality metrics should encourage appropriate care regardless of health status and should have financial implications.”

Hospitals must make nurses part of institutional decision-making




In a sponsored piece about the need for hospitals to seek guidance from nurses on improving their institutions, Patrick Robinson, Ph.D. and R.N., dean of Capella University’s School of Nursing and Health Sciences,  answers such questions as:

What is the benefit of administrators and executives including nurses’ voices in decision-making?

What changes need to take place for nurses to be heard?

How can nurses encourage one another to feel more empowered?

What can leadership do to encourage nurses to share their ideas more?

He concludes with:

“Make sure there are opportunities, such as focus groups or town hall meetings, for ideas to be exchanged. Additionally, put data in the hands of nurses and give them the opportunity to see not only the individual patients they work with, but the hospital or health system as a whole in a manageable way. That will enable nurses to offer their insights. Give nurses that opportunity and develop them beyond their degrees to be evidence-based decision-makers by investing in continuing education to drive creativity and innovation.”


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