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The status of value-based initiatives

A recent EY Health survey of healthcare executives found that a quarter of the surveyed organizations have no value-based reimbursement initiatives planned for 2017, although nearly all said that they are taking at least some cost-control actions, especially — cutting the number of medical errors, increasing reliability and decreasing unneeded variation and use. Many also cite peer and competitive benchmarking.

Not surprisingly, smaller organizations were the least likely to report using value-based reimbursement initiatives because of their lack of money and administrative support needed for launching such initiatives.

Healthcare Dive notes that authors of an accompanying report point to four major barriers for value-based payment reform: “escalating cost of care delivery; clinical workforce challenges that increase the potential exposure of patients to medical errors; a lack of standardization in how quality is defined and measured; and a lack of trust between providers, payers and regulators.’’

To read the EY survey, please hit this link.

To read Healthcare Dive’s take on it, please hit this link.

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