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Official leaves Cleveland Clinic under a cloud



The Cleveland Clinic.

Crain’s reports that Gary Fingerhut, executive director of the Cleveland Clinic’s innovation and business-development unit, “has left the Cleveland Clinic after the FBI told the hospital system that he made financial transactions that violated the hospital system’s internal policies.”

It’s an unusual whiff of scandal at the world-renown institution but, of course, there’s a tremendous amount of money in healthcare technologies.

The clinic said that he  allegedly engaged in “financial transactions involving one of our spin-off companies.”

The FBI isn’t making inquiries about the Clinic itself, Vicki Anderson, special agent with the FBI’s Cleveland division, told Crain’s. However, she wouldn’t confirm nor deny whether the FBI is formally investigating Fingerhut, Crain’s reported.

As Crain’s noted, “Cleveland Clinic Innovations has commercialized dozens of technologies developed within the hospital system and is widely considered to be a leader in healthcare innovation.”

“Fingerhut’s expertise is in information technology. Under his leadership, {Cleveland Clinic} Innovations has placed a much stronger focus on commercializing IT-related products.”

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