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Healthcare IT in 2016


This article  by John Halamka in tech-focused MedCity News makes predictions for health IT in 2016. They include, here in stripped-down form:

1. “Population health will finally be defined and implemented.”

2. “Security threats will increase.”
3. “The workflow of EHRs will be re-defined. ”

4. “Email will gradually be replaced by groupware.”

5. “Market forces will be more potent than regulation.”

6. “Apps will layer on top of transactional systems empowered by FHIR {Fast Health Interoperability Resources}.”

7. “Infrastructure will be increasingly commoditized.”

8. “Less functionality with greater usability will shape purchasing decisions.”

9. “The role of the CIO will evolve from provisioner/tech expert to service procurer and governance runner.”

10. “The healthcare industry will realize that IT investments must rise for organizations to meet customer expectations, survive bundled payment reimbursement methods, and create decision support/big data wisdom.”


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