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Video: Henry Ford CEO on healthcare outlook


Headquarters of Henry Ford Health System, in Detroit.

Video: Wright Lassiter III, president and CEO of Henry Ford Health System, in Michigan, gives his take on the outlook for U.S. healthcare. Hit this link to see/hear him.

Video: Reducing disparities, increasing leadership diversity


Video: Henry Ford Health System and Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital leaders discuss their efforts to reduce healthcare disparities and improve diversity in their institutions’ leadership ranks.

To make the urge to merge work

Stephen Gelineau and Graham Brown look at how to ensure  that a merger of hospital systems doesn’t fail. They provide vivid real-life examples: Henry Ford Health System and Beaumont Health System, and Sanford Health and Fairview Health.

As they note: “Many boards and executive teams have pursued an affiliation and undertaken the exhaustive due diligence process requisite in a merger, only to find that ‘softer’ issues — cultural alignment, board members’ compatibility and preferred business styles, physician willingness to combine clinically, or a lack of shared vision for the future — cause their newfound partnership to collapse. ”

Here are some of the specific challenges they address:


”Blending governing boards.

”Joining the clinical engines.

”Developing a shared vision.”

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