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Healthcare hiring to increase — except at hospitals




Modern Healthcare reports in this useful, if  with  rather predictable findings, tour d’horizon that hiring will pick up in the U.S healthcare sector this year — except in hospitals.

It reports:

“The outlook for growth in hospital employment—healthcare’s largest employer—is modest at best. Many hospitals will be reducing head counts. Others are holding the line on adding new employees since the federal government plans to keep a tight rein on reimbursement while private insurers are pushing more participation in risk-based contracts. ”
“Hiring at outpatient facilities and ambulatory surgical centers, on the other hand, is expected to continue its rapid growth as technological changes and financial pressures push the locus of care from inpatient to outpatient settings.”

And, it said:  {F}inancial pressures on hospitals will {continue to} shift their recruitment focus to finding skilled nurses and primary-care physicians.”

The hunt for the latter might fade a bit as more nurse practitioners and physician’s assistants take on more and more primary-care jobs in coming years After all,  an increasing number of states are now letting NP’s and PA’s do things once restricted to physicians. New York State, for one, just did this.



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