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Nurses’ important role in hospital design


Jaynelle Stichler, R.N., told Healthcare Design Magazine that designers of hospitals should consult closely with nurses.

“Nurses have a very unique perspective on patient and family needs; therefore their informed voice at the design table is absolutely critical,” said Ms. Stichler,  founding co-editor of HERD Journal, professor emerita at San Diego State University and research consultant for Sharp Metro Campus.

Becker’s Hospital Review noted:

“Nurses have assumed roles as project directors or agents of the hospital directly interfacing with architects and other design professionals. Increasingly, nurses employed at hospitals are providing input at design meetings, sharing clinical insight and expertise about the needs of patients, families and care providers. The Nursing Institute for Healthcare Design is an association that exists to engage and integrate clinical expertise and planning into the design of healthcare environments. More than 505 of their members represent architect and design firms, transition and activation planning companies, and provide organizational leadership strategically responsible for construction and renovation of healthcare spaces.”



Nurses playing bigger role in facility design


Post-surgery resuscitation room.

Nurses are being more intensely consulted in hospital facility design.

Kathy Okland, president of the Nursing Institute for Healthcare Design, says the growing use of evidence-based design and the recognition that design can have an important influence on medical outcomes is making nurses more important in the planning and building of facility interior architecture.

“Nurses are very familiar with evidence-based practices based on their experience in evidence-based medicine,” Ms. Okland told Healthcare Design, “so it’s a natural alignment for them to step into [evidence-based design] and interpret that for others who may have found that science to be rather new.”

Consider how nurses are collaborating in hospital-room design and redesign to reduce patient pain, and hospital-acquired infections, increase patient engagement and raise caregiver efficiency.

Jaynelle Stichler, a Okland colleague, says  that healthcare design is now a nursing-career option. She told Healthcare Design that more firms specializing in healthcare architecture are hiring nurses to “translate the needs of the healthcare environment to the architects and the design language back to the clinical providers.”





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