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Next big things at Blueprint Health

MedCity News’s fine reporter Stephanie Baum reports that at the famous New York City-based Blueprint Health innovation accelerator,  the next big things include:

GlucoIQ: A way to help endocrinologists use new reimbursement opportunities created  by CMS.

GroupHub: A platform to make it easier for insurance brokers ”to compete in the runup to HIPAA electronic compliance mandates that will be effective in 2016. ”

Healthy Bytes:  A way for dieticians ”to remotely monitor what their clients are eating when and where from one dashboard.”

Limestone Labs: Using  ultra-violet rays  to sanitize hospitals’ portable medical devices and ”tackle the daunting challenge of reducing hospital acquired infections.”

Moving Analytics: An approach to help patient recuperate from cardiac procedures at home ”through a combination of remote monitoring with its app, Movn, and through phone contact. ”

Signifikance: A way “to reduce the time it takes to analyze patients’ genetic variants for cancer. ”

TapGenes:  ”A risk-analysis tool using family history and genetics to determine a person’s risk factors for certain conditions and assign a health score.”


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