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Healthcare for the old via mail-service people



St. Helier Harbor, in Jersey.

Now here’s something for healthcare experts (such as Cambridge Management Group senior adviser Marc Pierson, M.D.) seeking to created accountable communities of health in the United States to look at.

As the Commonwealth Fund notes here in a story and wonderful slide show:

“Having recently explored The Palo Alto Medical Foundation’s LinkAges program, which encourages communities to check-in and offer help to its older citizens, we now turn our attention to the Jersey Post’s ‘Call and Check’ program. This program, run by the postal service on Jersey, an island  (part of the United Kingdom} nestled between England and France, offers a creative approach to providing care to the frail elderly.”

Using mail-delivery people, “Call and Check” offers frail elders such services as check-ins, appointment reminders and prescription drop-offs twice a week at low cost.


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