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The importance of hospital-nursing home links


Lola Butcher,  writing in Hospitals & Health Networks, looks at the importance of hospitals’ forging close cooperative ties with nursing homes.

Among the things that should promote such ties, she lists:

• “Value-based payments are prompting hospitals to work more closely with post-acute providers.

• “Hospitals face Medicare penalties for high readmission rates.

• “Establishing narrow networks of post-acute partners can encourage providers to improve quality of care.

• “Tactics for improving care between acute and post-acute partners include ‘warm handoffs’ that involve actual conversations, not just the exchange of paperwork, between clinicians on both sites.

• “New staffing models, including the use of SNFists {nursing-home specialist worker} and nurse care navigators, are gaining ground.”

She discusses, among other things:

Selection of the right ”first setting”

Standardization across the continuum of care

Longitudinal CARE planning

Nurse care navigators








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