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Trying to measure performance in healthcare


From NEJM Catalyst:

“{W}hat constitutes high performance in healthcare? Three-quarters of  NEJM Insights Council members say there is little consensus around a definition. Yet there is some agreement on the key elements and indicators. A culture of excellence is the top attribute of a high-performing organization, followed by aligned goals among all stakeholders.

“Very few respondents say that individual stars among physicians and staff create high performance. We find this heartening; it is a validation of the industry move toward integrated, team-based care. Plentiful finances also fell low on the list of key attributes. Lack of financial resources need not be a deterrent in becoming a high-performing organization.

“We were surprised, however, by how survey respondents weighted cost considerations in the value equation of high performance. Almost all respondents says high quality and excellent patient safety are extremely important, but low cost falls to the bottom of the list of indicators. These results do not reflect the Triple Aim of healthcare, which values high-quality care, population health, and low cost equally.”

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Report: Physician time, shared decision-making seen as most effective in boosting patient engagement

A NEJM Catalyst summary of of a NEJM Insights Council report says:

“Many definitions of patient engagement are debated, but when it comes down to what approaches are most effective, members of the NEJM Insights Council — consisting of healthcare executives, clinical leaders, and clinicians — emphasize clinician time with patients. The next most effective approach is shared decision-making, defined as clinicians and patients working together to produce the best outcomes possible. Only these two initiatives have broad support from our survey respondents. At the bottom of the list of effectiveness is remote monitoring using wireless devices/wearables.”

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